• Ajay Sharma

The BBK Group Attack Makes Samsung Bleed. Xiaomi, Comes Out Unscathed!

It’s always better to be objective, so let’s first table some data on the Indian Smartphone market.

Table 1

* Data as per IDC

Table 2

* Data as per IDC

Table 3

* Data by Phonearena

Notes: a. The data shown in Table 1 and 2 is for the last 3 years or 12 quarters from Q1 2017 till Q4 2019.

b. The data is divided into two periods – Q1 2017 till Q2 2018 and Q3 2018 till Q4 2019. This serves the purpose of comparing two equal periods – Six quarters prior to the entry of #Realme and six quarters post the entry of Realme in the top 5.


1. Xiaomi is clearly the No. 1 for the last ten quarters. Oh well, not news!

2. Xiaomi is crossing 10 million or 1 Cr. phones every quarter since Q2 2018 except in Q1 2019. Real(ly). But, some of us knew this.

3. Contrary to our subjective belief, Xiaomi has not been impacted by the entry of Realme. In fact its share has gone up after Realme’s entry. Not many of us knew this.

4. Xiaomi’s online share is fairly static – no decline. So they are surely not losing their hold here.

5. #Vivo has taken over as the No. 2 brand in Q4 2019. This has been corroborated by almost all research agencies.

6. Vivo share has gone up reasonably post the entry of Realme. So no impact of Realme on Vivo as well.

7. Vivo is not doing too badly in online at No. 3.

8. Samsung has moved to the No. 3 position in Q4 2019.

9. In the last 3 years, Samsung has never crossed the 10 million or 1 Cr. shipment mark unlike Xiaomi, which has done it for six quarters now.

10. #Samsung shipments are going down for the last 3 quarters – a slide to worry and think about.

11. Samsung has been surely affected by the Realme entry having lost 4.5% share post their entry.

12. The only good thing is the increasing share of Samsung in online where they are No. 2.

13. #Oppo is just about touching the 5 Million mark at the No. 4 position.

14. Oppo has also gained some share post the entry of Realme so no impact on Oppo as well.

15. Realme lost in shipment volumes in Q4 2019. Possibly Q3 2019 was an aberration. Pleas