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Xiaomi losing ground to Realme?

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

#Xiaomi continues to dominate the handset Industry is a fact as it uses the product spec and price equation and it's brand equity from online to offline to it's advantage.

However in #Realme it has a Challenger following the same strategy. As per 91mobiles, Realme models occupy the no 1 and 2 slots in October with no Xiaomi model in the top 5 for the first time.

One could challenge the basis of the data but then I presume the same basis was being applied earlier.

Samsung's triple camera-toting Galaxy A7 is sitting at third, followed by #Honor 8X at 4th and #Vivo's V11 Pro at 5th.

While one month is too short a period to say that Xiaomi is under severe threat, it is time for the brand to reorganise itself offline in terms of distribution, sales and service. Have been hearing a lot about channel partners carrying high stocks, models not selling online being pushed offline the stocks of which have now exceeded acceptable limits, service issues, trading, prices not holding .

However Realme should not assume it is going to be an easy ride. Their product strategy may be good but the GTM for offline and its execution has to be perfect else they will not have the luxury which Xiaomi has to reorganise.

Don't know if they have that bandwidth.

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